What is Clean Beauty?

Clean Beauty is a phrase that we have probably all heard, but what does it mean? 

It means a non-toxic product made without an extensive and ever evolving list of ingredients linked to harmful health effects. Currently, a variety of chemicals linked to endocrine disruption, allergies, and toxicity are allowed in personal care and beauty products.

On average, a woman applies 61,320 ingredients from personal care products to her body every year, over 20,000 of which are potentially toxic. 

The European Union has banned over 1,300 chemicals from personal care products, while the United States has only banned 30.

Lack of regulation in the United States means it is up to the consumer to make educated decisions when choosing beauty and personal care products that are safe. 

The Clean Beauty Specialists strongly believe that we shouldn't have to sacrifice quality of ingredients and the health and safety of our loved ones (the furry ones too!) in order to have beautiful skin that we feel confident flaunting. By having our own estheticians on staff to answer all of your skincare questions and match your unique skin with the quality ingredients it craves, we believe that your beauty will radiate. We believe in being kind to our earth, kind to our animals and most importantly being kind ourselves.   

Thank you for trusting us with your skin.